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Download Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK V2.20 Latest Update

     Infinity Box CM2 MTK/MediaTek v2.20 Setup File you can very easy Download any moment. Do you know this Infinity Box CM2 MTK/MediaTek v2.20 Setup File helps your all mobile device. This latest Infinity Box CM2SCR_v1.06 Dongle is most important for your all device. Now you can very easy Download Software and Apps. This Box you can very simple Update any time. If you want any Software and Apps any moment Download any time. You can Free Download this Infinity Box CM2 MTK/MediaTek v2.20 Dongle Your necessary important Software and Apps then you can very easy any Software and any Apps Download or Update any time.

How to Download this Latest Infinity Box CM2 MTK/MediaTek v2.20 Dongle

At first you open you PC or Android mobile phone.
Then you can connected your net connected.
Now you can Go to you net Browser.
You can Go to a new page.
Now you can Download this Infinity Box MTK V2.20 Dongle.
You wait sometimes.
Then you Done this Download.
Now your Download completed.

How to Install or Update this Infinity Box CM2 MTK/MediaTek v2.20 Dongle : 

At first you open you PC or Android mobile phone.
Then you can connected your net connected.
Now you can Go to you net Browser.
You write you personal website then you flow a new page.
Now you can this Infinity Box MTK v2.20 very simple Download.
Now you can very easy Update or Install without Password.

Infinity CM2 MTK/MediaTek  Dongle Features:

  1.  – Supported All Qualcomm Cpu Smartphones
  2.  – Supported All MTK CPU
  3.  – SPD CPU Supported
  4.  – Work On All Windows Operating System
  5. – Supported 32bit and 64bit System
  6. – All tools are free, no cost has to be paid
  7. – All the tools are very easy to use

Changed: Protocol updated ( Raphael/Legacy )
Changed: Loader v2044 supported and tested ( v2028 was unstable with MT6765 )
NewChip: MediaTek AC8227 (Car HeadUnits SoC) supported
NewChip: MediaTek AC8257 (Car HeadUnits SoC) supported

Changed: Core updated for RAPHAEL line

Changed: META core updated

Changed: HW Report ( RAPHAEL - only )
- LifeStatus identify revised, in some cases it may shown wrong info. Strongly recommend use latest version for HWcheck !
!* Feature also allow automatic select and store for further use BOOTROM connection settings for RAPHAEL devices (DRAM init)
!* HWreport not require complete boot in case of semi-dead devices, it is useful for HWdebug
!* HWreport result may vary in diffirent models and agents even on the same SoC !

Firmware Reader
Changed: Some modern brand-specific changes (Oppo, Realme)
Changed: New types supported
Changed: Internal Database updated

Model DB
Changed: New agents included for Tecno, Infinix ( with different SoC lines )
Changed: New DA base v2044 included

Changed: GUI settings now stored and load select style, settings and other at next run
Changed: Environment compatibility issue with 32 bit OS has been fixed
Changed: Many different changes and fixes